Workplace and Community Preparedness

Redfora is the solutions leader for emergency management and community preparedness professionals. We deliver at scale for projects that prepare dozens in an office or thousands across a community. We customize our industry-leading kits to meet your specifications. We provide exclusive procurement and design services to offer solutions beyond what you can find elsewhere. Browse our catalogs below to learn what we can do for your workplace.  

Top Projects

  • In preparation for a major earthquake, Redfora has teamed up with a tech leader to prepare for the impacts of a major earthquake. Redfora is currently assembling 10,000 custom kits, 500 toilets and privacy shelters, 200 cots, distribution and pop-up tents, and more.
  • To incentivize employee home preparedness, Redfora worked with a top software company to design an employee preparedness store and a company-labeled starter kit. Our active partnership doubled employee participation in one year.
  • In an effort to prepare vulnerable populations for disasters, government agencies in Oregon and California have chosen Redfora to more than 10,000 preparedness kits to the doorsteps of at-risk residents. 
  • Redfora works with many of the most well-known companies to educate staff worldwide. Be it online, on- stage, or through your company LMS system, we are expert educators on earthquake, hurricane, flood, tsunami, wildfire and inclement weather preparedness.
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