Light and Communication is the key to navigating through and out of a disaster situation. The hand crank flashlight, radio, and phone charger is a critical item to have in your kit. 

The Basics 

Why is this so important? [0:11]

Hand crank flashlight with radio + charger [0:52]

Glowstick [1:16]

Liquid Candle [1:33]

Your hurricane vulnerability is determined by an array of variables including the strength of the storm, your location relative to the hurricane’s landfall, the susceptibility of your area to flooding and/or storm surge, and the type of structure that you live in. Generally speaking, you face a greater risk if you live near the coast in a flood zone in a manufactured home and a smaller risk if you live 50 miles inland on a hill in an apartment complex. Visit chapter 2 of Redfora’s “Preparing for Hurricanes” guide to better determine your home’s vulnerability.

Your Other Supplies